In the Process of Crafting a Lift Pitch

So I am still in the process of figuring out how to prepare a Lift Pitch for Saatchi X and what should it include.
Recently I posted an article from Forbes, which is very useful. But i tried to look for a little bit more research and came across an article from the Dumb Little Man Website.

Here are extremely useful tips

Why Is Having an Elevator Pitch So Important?

You only have 30-60 seconds to make a powerful first impression. The attention span of the average person is just 30 seconds before their mind starts wandering. The other reason is people have less time today. You need to grab them quickly or lose them forever.

Essential Elements of a Powerful Elevator Pitch Concise.

1. Concise. Your pitch should take no longer than 30-60 seconds.
2. Clear. Use language that everyone understands. Don’t use fancy words thinking it will make you sound smarter. Your listener won’t understand you and you’ll have lost your opportunity to hook them.
3. Powerful. Use words that are powerful and strong. Deliver the “Sis-Boom-Bang” to grab their attention!
4. Visual. Use words that create a visual image in your listeners mind. This will make your message memorable.
5. Tell a Story. A short story, that is. A good story is essentially this: someone with a problem either finds a solution or faces tragedy. Either type of story can be used to illuminate what you do.
6. Targeted. A great elevator pitch is aimed for a specific audience. If you have target audiences that are vastly different, you might want to have a unique pitch for each.
7. Goal Oriented. A kick-ass elevator pitch is designed with a specific outcome in mind. What is your desired outcome? You may have different pitches depending on different objectives. For instance do you want to: make a sale, gain a prospect, enlist support for an idea, or earn a referral.
8. Has a Hook. This is the element that literally snags your listener’s interest and makes them want to know more. This is the phrase or words that strike a chord in your listener.

It still continues with useful tips for the actual preparation process.

Here Dumb Little Man

Another Amazing article about preparing the Lift Pitch came out recently from the Huffington Post.

Although it mostly talked about same issues as everyone else, but they added 2 valuable point.

2. Your pitch needs to introduce your idea, not close the deal. What most expect to be a quick overview of your business can easily spin out of control as you try to encompass all of the so-called important facts about your story. Taking people from beginning to end will likely leave them overwhelmed with information, and generally uninterested. “All you are trying to do, and realistically all you can do, is try to draw the listeners into a conversation,” O’Leary. said “Give them a high-level overview of what you are talking about to see if that is something they are interested in. Only if they are interested should you start getting into the details.”

3. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Bragging about how many tricks your dog can do gets annoying. Being proud about your record-breaking quarter is captivating. “It’s not bragging if it’s true and relevant,” O’Leary said. While many people feel self-conscious boasting about their business, it’s important to stress the successes of your business and show your confidence in the endeavor. “Many women in particular have a problem giving good elevator pitches because they have been taught not to brag,” O’Leary said. “As a result, their elevator pitches aren’t as compelling, or as credible, as they could be or need to be.”

Elevator Pitches: 5 Things You Need To Know




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