New Level of Using Social Media

Completely new way of using social media and technologies.

This great website appeared recently and soon to become an App.

Color Forecast

Women’s fashion brand Pimkie has a new website and app that reveal, in real time, what colors people are wearing in the most fashionable cities.

Reportedly the first time this level of technology has been used for fashion espionage, high-speed digital cameras are strategically placed in highly trafficked areas in the most fashion-conscious retail areas of each of the cities mentioned above. The live feed streams 24/7 into a system that identifies the key trending colors every single minute. The software then collects the data and builds an infographical design of what people are wearing right now. These colors are also directly linked to matched items of clothing from the Pimkie collections that can be purchased online.

“If you imagine a kind of 3-D histogram, gathering and grouping significant color data at really high speed then that is what we are doing with Color Forecast,” said Cruz. “Our software separates in detail what is going on in front of the cameras and then regroups the information in a usable format that is then translated into beautifully simple and clear infograms.”

The Color Forecast also shows not only the real-time data, but historical info as well. By showing what’s been trending in Paris in the last few minutes, days, or weeks, Pimkie’s tool lets users see not only what’s hot right now, but what hasn’t been hot for a while.


Here is how it works

Pimkie Color Forecast from Color Forecast on Vimeo.



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