Pepsi Pulse is only NOW on Social Media

As a huge believer in connection of social media and advertising, I think that brands, especially the huge ones, should engage with people more.

Pepsi just recently released another quite clever campaign, and now it’s all about social media. Pepsi Pulse shows a social media interactive dashboard for new from pop culture. It is a preparation for a new global ad campaign “Live for Now”, which is about to launch May 7.

The dashboard has a simple yet effective design to show trending pop culture news. And it has real time messages from Twitter from people using hashtags #NOW or #LiveForNow.

Pepsi Pulse presents the trending news items in a top 10 ranking based on real-time data from social media-optimization company SocialFlow.

Aside from Pulse, the multi-year Live for Now campaign includes TV, radio, cinema and outdoor advertising.
Ultimately, he and Pepsi want Pulse to invite and inspire consumers to live in the moment by knowing what’s hot across the web so they can be the first among their friends to share the information. Pepsi hopes challenges from celebrities and daily deals will also get people to use Pulse. For example, Minaj could ask fans to tweet photos of their alter egos, which would then be pushed to Pulse for all to see.

Pepsi plans to integrate into Pulse the Sound Off social TV platform it launched in 2011 for X Factor fans and pimped again this year for the Grammys and Super Bowl.

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