How to create a Viral Video





No one can actually say for sure what makes a video viral.
Why some videos about cats or dogs are shared by everyone and some truly unique things are left unknown.
Or especially why one advert gets to be seen and shared by millions, while others again benefit only from the small audiences.

But A marketing professor, Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne has come up with a algorithm for viral videos and maybe discovered the “Holy Grail” of marketing.
According to the algorithm (called the BVMP or “Branded Viral Movie Predictor”), the four key elements required for a video to go viral are:
1) Congruency:
The themes of a video must be congruent with people’s pre-existing knowledge of the brand it is advertising.

2) Emotive strength:
Creating strong emotions is essential if you want to ensure you are giving your video the best chance of becoming viral and the more extreme the emotions, the better.

3) Network involvement:
Videos must be relevant to a large network of people and the larger the better, some examples of large networks are college students or office workers.

4) “Paired meme synergy”
Coker came up with 16 concepts, known on the Internet as “memes” and discovered that videos only go viral if they have the right combinations of these concepts.

More here


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