Solar Power is all about the Cash

Sometimes adverts try to sell something to people for all the wrong reasons, while actually covering for something they really care.

SunRun, a solar company, went straight to business. They said solar energy is cheap and that’s the only reason for installing solar panels. No one cares about environment, it’s just money.

30 sec commercials represent this point clearly. Solar energy is cheap and there is nothing else to it. Well, it is a risky way to market solar and saying how no one cares about the environment. But the message is clear, and I think that what matters.

Ads feature a voiceover exclaiming how good for the environment solar power is, only to be corrected by the new SunRun customers: It’s about the cash. The one above features your typical urban hipster “pickling guy.” Despite wanting some “soy flax seeds,” he doesn’t care that solar is good for the environment, he just wants cheap solar. And this nice couple in the video below really doesn’t care about dolphin babies as much as they care about money.

At the end of the day if everyone installs solar panels environment would only be better off.

more on FastCoCreate


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