Ad People are Not as Normal as Others

Well not surprisingly enough but still people that work in advertising are not ‘normal’ in comparison to other people.
Not completely but only when it comes to social media use, according to a study commissioned by San Francisco-based advertising agency Heat and conducted this past March by iThink.

Apparently advertising people do live in some sort of a bubble. While civilians are actually not that active on social media and  are not that inclined to pay attention to what brands are doing on Twitter or Facebook, or YouTube, or definitely not Pinterest.

These findings show on how advertising/marketing professionals use Facebook as compared to the general public:
• 71% of advertising/marketing professionals say they pay attention to brand posts in their Facebook news feed “all of the time” versus 23% of the general population.

As for Twitter:
92% of advertising/marketing professionals use Twitter to follow brands they like.
33% of the general population does so.

Should brands put more effort into interacting with consumers via social media?
• 63% of advertising/marketing professionals “strongly agree” that they should;
23% of the general population “strongly agree”

Another Fun Fact is  that the Mad Men stereotypes aren’t off the mark: Subjects were also asked about how they act at office holiday parties, and it appears that people who work in advertising are more likely to puke from drinking too much (37% vs. 9% of the general public);
do drugs (26% vs. 3% of the general public);
and hook up with a coworker (26% vs. 8% of the general public).

Judging by myself, but only as a person  trying to break into ad land, I can already see being on Twitter all the time, following brands make you look a bit “crazy” in your friends’ view. To whom I constantly need to explain, why brands are on Facebook and why people need LinkedIn  and Pinterest.



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