New Social Media Campaign TomTom Paradise

It is hard to launch a new marketing campaign based on social media. It has to be a bit unique for people to share it.
Something like and Old Spice guy or Jen Aniston Smart Water.

Although, New social and digital media campaign was launched by TomTom, the maker of in-car location and navigation products and services.

The videos, as part of the campaign, are a bit similar to the Old Spice guy, talking and looking straight to the camera. However, this guy has a shirt on.

Anyways, the campaign from TomTom includes a competition for five families or groups of friends to win the chance to spend two weeks mapping a paradise island, as well as 10,000 euros to spend.

“This campaign shows how TomTom helps get summer journeys off to a great start,” Corinne Vigreux, managing director at TomTom, said in a statement. “With our fuel offer and Map Paradise Project, we hope to engage with people on lots of different levels and via different touch points.”

I think it’s a great simple idea, and it never hurts to add a bit of fun to advertising.






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