The Liberation: A Whole New Level of Shopping

I just love interactive videos, especially shoppable videos. I think most of clothing brands should go in this direction.

The Liberation is a shoppable, interactive movie experience about young girls going on adventure and getting rebellious.

But viewing The Liberation from Danish fashion brand Only as just a linear short film would be glossing over the digital, social, and retail integrations that make it the richly interactive experience it is.

Here is the movie.

The Liberation

It was created in collaboration with Uncle Grey and North Kingdom to reach, interest, and engage Only’s demographic of young girls and women.
The Liberation represents a some form of a personal online catalogue, music video, Flash-based game, and short film with numerous entry points for social sharing.

At any moment during the film, viewers can pause the action to get pulled-out descriptions of the fashions onscreen that link to the retail site.
It’s not just about the music video, the movie has a plot and style, and every interaction works perfectly well.

According to the agency, after launching The Liberation, traffic to rose more than 500%. The dedicated site garnered +560K unique visitors with +810K page views. See the case study video below.



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