New Color Genius App from L’Oreal

There is a new app on the market, and this time it’s from L’Oreal. Another interesting way to promote makeup products using popular technologies.

New iPhone app helps you effortlessly match your makeup to your outfit. And gives a lesson in making a stylish demo video.

With The Color Genius, simply snap a photo of the clothes in question, select the color of the makeup you want, then choose day or night style makeup and viola you get the result of appropriate products from L’Oreal with their names so you can buy them.

L’Oreal Paris was even kind enough to have one of its go-to beauties–the incomparably lovely Madame Inès de La Fressange–demo the app’s usefulness when making up your face in a hot pink number for a little event like the Cannes Festival (while making the most fabulous, inimitably French exclamations throughout: “schtumpf!” “Buf!”).



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