Vampire Races on Social Media

Vampires are huge now, but what actually stands behind the popularity is not really the story but the actual fans.
Although, fans require motivation too, so social media is a great help at this sort of things.

The inforgraphic below shows how vampire’s phenomenon gets spread out all over the social media.

My favourite is True Blood, as the story is amazing and it’s not that cheesy as other vampire movies/tvshows out there now.
True Blood also becomes an ultimate winner in the social media race with very clever way of releasing small teaser videos several month before season premier. The interactive app was also created, as well as, the website truebloodontwitter made just by fans.

Does not look bad for the tv show, which goes out only once a year on a cable network and also quite late at night.

Small addition.

Last Sunday, the premier of the season 5 of True Blood generated nearly 242,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter, making it the most talked about premium cable season premiere ever.

Told you, the absolute winner.

The original inforgraphic Directsattv


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