Not Viral Video BUT Spreadable

As I’ve recently found a blog of Bud Caddell, there was one of his top post called ‘Stop saying viral video’.

He points out that the word viral itself comes from the idea of virus, which spreads with enormous speed by itself. But this is not exactly what people want to get out of the viral video concept. Viral video suppose to get spread and shared by millions of people across all possible social media networks. And the common belief is that in order to achieve it, it would be enough to  just put videos everywhere and try to show it to everyone.

But it misses the main point.
The central factor is people. People have to like this particular video. People should have an urge to share the video with their friends and followers.  Simply showing it to everyone is not enough.

Creating a video that would encourage people to share it, that’s the main point.

So the viral video is not a virus at all, it should be spreadable.
There is still no exact formula for a video to become viral  or spreadable, being correct.
But Bud Caddell provided a diagram that can potentially help with the problem.
He gives out some points to keep in mind when creating a video campaign, which will help to engage more audience. And hopefully create a highly spreadable video


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