Hire Kate – Job Search Social Media Campaign

Today was different for me.
I’ve created my first Facebook Ad. For some reason Facebook sent me a coupon for 25 pounds to spend on ads, and I decided it was a sign.
I’ve seen people doing things like finding a job through social media before. So I decided to do it myself and find a job, or an internship to be precise.

I want to work in media strategy or planning, so  my goal is to get an internship in the digital media agency, which recognises the importance of social media marketing.

And an important part is that I’m based in London, so looking for a job here as well.

Here is how my Facebook Ad looks and it leads to this website, where potential employers can find more info about me and all required contacts.

In addition, starting tomorrow I will launch my job searching campaign on Twitter with #HireKate.

I’m really excited about all this and I will write all updates here along with other news.



  1. Adam

    “AND important part is that I’m based in London, so looking for a job here as well.”

    Shouldn’t that be ‘an’?

  2. Robin Brown

    Sorry about this but ‘Here is my Facebook Ad looks ‘ doesn’t read very well either. Great idea though – well done. Have you tried car PR departments? They have a lot of opportunities for interns in PR and related stuff.

  3. James Hartt

    Saw your Facebook ad and it looked genuine, thought I’d offer my support.

    Can’t really help in Social Media, but if you ever need iOS app pointers, feel free to get in contact.

  4. Orbling

    Here is *how* my Facebook Ad looks; as above, you should delete these corrective comments once done. Cool idea by the way. 😉

  5. adi

    Kate, i will be happy to give you some work experience involving social media and marketing, to get you some experience in the area focused on the events industry which is a great potential for getting a job there.
    We are London based but we work globally as when you deal with social media all you need as a computer with good internet connection.

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