“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

I just wanted to share this new amazing, inspiring, eye-opening, and mind-blowing TED talk I’ve ever seen.

I came around it during the recent presentation of Mynewsdesk’s founder Kristofer Björkman, which he gave in order to inspire us, employees. Small part of it included short video from Simon Sinek’s talk on vision.

Simon talked about trust and how is it born. His main point is that trust emerges when people share common beliefs with others.
“When other people believe what we believe”, he says, then Trust emerges. And from here on, this is how great leaders inspire and great companies emerge with a vision. And then how people believe in this vision and buy their products.

In the second talk, Simon describes the Golden Circle. Again about believe and vision, but he points out the importance of the Why for companies, importance of the vision and the sense of purpose greater than just making profits. He states that when companies, like Apple, have a clear vision and say what they believe, then more customers are willing to relate to that and buy more products.

Anyway, these talks really inspired me and helped to view the world differently. Hope it will help some other people too.

Here I present you Simon Sinek’s talk “Start With Why”


And the Second “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”


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