Polling Apps: Polar and Thumb

Once again I wanted to show new cool apps. And here today is an app Polar that lets you rate anything in seconds. To some extent,  it’s an object lesson in mobile design done very, very right.

Quick, which one do you prefer: Lucas or Spielberg? LOFTR or Harry Potter? Murray or Federer? But not just you can express your opinion in seconds, but you can create own polls.

FastCompany says that designer Luke Wroblewski has built an entire app around this vacuous-yet-addictive experience, Polar is a work of mobile-design genius.


“We chose to do a consumer thing, a fun thing, to put our ideas into action,” Wroblewski says. “So far we’ve gotten great results. People can get in, get out, and get value instantly. We’re starting to rethink polls. But once you understand this medium, you can start to rethink everything.”

Anyway, the app provides amazing database with first hand opinions, which can be easily used from politics to what to wear tonight.

But this app is not the only one of its kind. Another one called Thumb, provides the same services, but with less design features. When Polar presents polls for anything, Thumb provides more personal platform. This videos shows how it works.

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 12.50.14

Thumb provides feedback for people on anything, and creators guarantee at lest 50 responses with each new poll.

I’m sure there are more polling and voting apps, maybe even with better design and interface, but they all point toward a new trend, where people want to get instant feedback from strangers and not just friends.




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