New wallet is coming: The Ridge

“More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum and Titanium, RFID-blocking card holder and money clip solution with expandable track.”

New cool family Kickstarted campaign for a front pocket wallet with an integrated track. It has already gained over $130,000, which is quite impressive, and still has 16 days to go.

The wallet is a single piece construction and has no detachable parts. It comes in two different versions  aluminum and titanium, and with 2 different styles with a money clip  and without  one.


The most important feature of the Ridge is  RFID blocking, I think with all these new contactless cards.  Generally, the wallet  fits discreetly in a front pocket while still holding all your cash and cards.  It could become a complete replacement to the general wallet, and would come particularly handy when you don’t need to carry much.


I would say that the main unique feature of  Ridge is the expanding elastic track, as it streches out the wallet to quite a number of cards, and no matter how many or few cards/cash are inside, they will remain secure. It also remains extremely slim and compact.



And it has some other cool features like this


They should start shipping out in April.

So hurry up and fund this project or just wait for the finished product to order.


The Ridge Kickstarter



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