7 Qualities That Make a Real Entrepreneur

Just found a great article on what it really means to be an entrepreneur.
According to Inc. magazine and this recent article, entrepreneurs are unique, willing to take risks,
and run a successful business or two or more.

There are many people who start businesses, but only few succeed.
So here are 7 qualities of real entrepreneurs:

1. They defy characterization. You really have to get to know these people, work with them for years, maybe even get inside their heads a bit, to understand what they’re really all about. There are all unique, not like one another and they are the real deal.  They know that wearing a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers doesn’t make you Steve Jobs.

2. Money means little to them. It’s sort of ironic how little money matters to those who are true entrepreneurs at heart. For them, money is just a means to an end. And since money’s not a distraction or a temptation, they can truly focus on what really counts: doing what drives them, what they’re passionate about.

3. They’re on a mission from God. No, they’re not really. But when they speak about their vision or idea, you’d swear they’ve been possessed by some sort of demon that, instead of inciting chaos and mischief, inspires innovation and creation. There’s definitely an aspect of fanaticism in their zeal for whatever has captured their imagination. y.

4. They don’t take risks for the sake of taking risks. Just as they don’t set out to make money, true entrepreneurs don’t usually set out to take risks, either. They just don’t let anything stand in the way of whatever it is they’re driven to do.

5. They weren’t born that way. Most of the successful entrepreneurs  started with nothing or at least from modest beginnings. Some had parents who did their own thing, but most didn’t. They usually had mentors or people who inspired them to trust their gut and have confidence in themselves. T

6. They’re not iconic leaders. The entrepreneur as iconic leader is a myth. Successful founders usually have partners. Bill Gates had Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. Larry Page had Sergey Brin. Also, entrepreneurs are often better at founding and creating than they are at running and sustaining companies.

7. They’re not very patient. Whoever said patience is a virtue was definitely not a VC or anyone in the startup business, for that matter. Successful entrepreneurs don’t usually care much for social convention. They have little patience for convention. They don’t want to hear how things are done, have been done, or should be done. They do things their way. But here’s a twist.


In general, it does not take all these qualities to build a successful business, but you need these qualities to build something unique, something that will stay for generations, something epic.







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