Customizable Merica Made Bottle Opener

Here is another cool Kickstarted campaign Customizable Bottle Openers made in America.


The main aim of the  project is to make a billet aluminum bottle opener that is manufactured in the USA.


In order to differentiate this opener from million of others, this Merica Made has the customization factor and level of quality that is unmatched. There have been many bottle openers to come and go, but how cool it is to have a personal opener with your name on it.


Makers use CNC machining technology to achieve the highest possible quality.


For now the goal of the campaign is $6000, so it would become possible to  provide openers in green, purple, orange, and gold to existing colors, and also add 3 more standard design logos.

The biggest challenge of production right now is material and equipment. But with certain funds these guys can get production running. They have more than a month to achieve the goal and if you want to help them, then back their campaign here.

Kickstarter Merica Made


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