Running a Social Media Job Searching Campaign

Following success of my last year’s social media campaign, I’m looking for a job using social media once again.

I’m using Facebook Ads, and mine looks like this

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.05.24

I might use Twitter as well, just to get some publicity.

This time I’m looking for a permanent job, it can start with an internship, I don’t mind. As long as there are clear prospects.
I want to work in tech industry on the marketing side.

Please find my CV here and Email here

I have experience in PR, digital advertising, and social media. And the most important part is that I’m crazy about tech.

Preferably I need a job based in London, but if it’s something truly amazing I can relocate.

You can find  ways of contacting me here and some of my takes on recent developments in tech, marketing, and others.

I really hope this venture will work out.

As I did last year, I will blog about all developments and results of the campaign.

So please contant me with interesting offers or just for support.



  1. Andy Bailey

    good luck Kate, sorry I don’t have a job for you but I wish you all the best in finding one. nice idea!

  2. Tom Byam-Cook

    Great initiative Kate – hope this works out for you. As I’ve been reading, there are two issues in this post – 1.) is “prospectives” a word? – you might mean prospects, 2.) you don’t have a hyperlink over your second use of ‘find my CV here’.

    Good luck.

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  4. charliesaidthat


    I’m not in any position to hire you right now. But saw your Facebook ad. Smart stuff.

    Good luck with your job hunt. Come chat on Twitter and I’ll see if I can intro you to some great people in Social Media! 🙂


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