Become More Productive Just By Following 7 Points

I’ve started using Medium, as a source of inspiration and some guidance, a bit later than everyone else. But anyway I found these 7 things everyone should stop doing to become more productive.

1. Stop working overtime and increase your productivity
The more you work, the less effective and productive you are going to become over both short and long term. In other words: sleep more, take naps, do whatever you like sometimes, because working all the time will eventually lead to nowhere.

2. Don’t say “yes” too often
According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results; however, 20% of the results consumes 80% of the effort. Instead of working harder, we should focus primarily on those efforts that produce 80% of the results and forgo the rest. We should stop saying “yes” to tasks that bring low or almost no result. The Pareto Principal does work, everyone just needs to learn how to use it.


3. Stop doing everything yourself and start letting people help you
Delegation is a thing, especially if you are running a company or in a leadership position. It is important to divide work between different people and trust them. Otherwise you will just burn out.

4. Stop being a perfectionist
Here are some problems associated with being a perfectionist:

They spend more time than required on a task.
They procrastinate and wait for the perfect moment. In business, if it is the perfect moment, you are too late.
They miss the big picture while being too focused on small things.
Marketers often wait for the perfect moment. In doing so, they end up missing it.

The perfect moment is NOW.


5. Stop doing repetitive tasks and start automating it.
Use CRM software or another, but if the task can be automated then there is no point of doing it all the time.

6. Stop guessing and start backing up your decisions with data
If you can optimize websites for search engines, you can optimize your lives to grow and reach your maximum potential.

7. Stop working, and have do-nothing time
Most people don’t realize that we’re essentially locking ourselves in a box when we are too focused on something. It’s important to walk away from our work once in a while and have some alone time.

Details here 7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science



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