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Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Skin Into a Touchscreen

I just have to share this new discovery. The Cicret Bracelet, which turns your arm into a touchscreen.

See for yourself below



The Cicret comes with an embedded memory card, processor, accelerometer, vibrator, USB port, Bluetooth functionality, and Wi-Fi, but the main part is a pico-projector and an array of proximity sensors.

The projector allows the armband to beam the screen down onto the users arm, with the proximity sensors tracking finger movement to enable interaction with the content.

The video below demonstrates a mockup and gives an idea how Cicret will be realized


Although this project is not presented on Kickstarted, the team behind Cicret has a page where they are collecting donations. The team needs 700 00o euros.
So far they’ve reached only 14%, but I really hope they’ll succeed. So we can all buy this bracelet someday.

Source Siliconangel

Moment Smartwatch – The Best Watch You Will Ever See

I know that major corporations are fighting now for invention of smartwatches. But I feel like they’ve already lost this battle.

Moment Smartwatch: world’s first wrap around smart watch

30 day battery, expandable hardware, full QWERTY keyboard, 360° touch surface – all wrapped smartly around your wrist



This Smartwatch has everything you can ever dream of.


– It is the perfect blend of style and technology
– Keyboard (Patent Pending).  The Moment Smartwatch has a full QWERTY keyboard plus number row.
– Battery can last up to 30 days

– Hardware Expansion (Patent Pending)
– Simple Operation (Patent Pending). It has  a large touch sensitive surface that wraps all the way around the outside of the Moment Smartwatch – a full 360 degree interface
– Message Board (Patent Pending). Your smartphone has a large beautiful display that is great for sharing pictures, playing games with detailed graphics and many other uses. Moment is not competing with that display. We designed the Moment Smartwatch to be used when it is inconvenient, unnecessary, unsafe, rude or simply not allowed to pull your smartphone from your pocket or purse.



I think we need to fund this, this is a true gold. I’m just amazed how people can create something like this while not working for huge corporations. This is pure brilliance.
You can check it out here Moment Smartwatch: world’s first wrap around smart watch

by Momentum Labs LLC

Kickstarter – is where the gold is.


Become More Productive Just By Following 7 Points

I’ve started using Medium, as a source of inspiration and some guidance, a bit later than everyone else. But anyway I found these 7 things everyone should stop doing to become more productive.

1. Stop working overtime and increase your productivity
The more you work, the less effective and productive you are going to become over both short and long term. In other words: sleep more, take naps, do whatever you like sometimes, because working all the time will eventually lead to nowhere.

2. Don’t say “yes” too often
According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results; however, 20% of the results consumes 80% of the effort. Instead of working harder, we should focus primarily on those efforts that produce 80% of the results and forgo the rest. We should stop saying “yes” to tasks that bring low or almost no result. The Pareto Principal does work, everyone just needs to learn how to use it.


3. Stop doing everything yourself and start letting people help you
Delegation is a thing, especially if you are running a company or in a leadership position. It is important to divide work between different people and trust them. Otherwise you will just burn out.

4. Stop being a perfectionist
Here are some problems associated with being a perfectionist:

They spend more time than required on a task.
They procrastinate and wait for the perfect moment. In business, if it is the perfect moment, you are too late.
They miss the big picture while being too focused on small things.
Marketers often wait for the perfect moment. In doing so, they end up missing it.

The perfect moment is NOW.


5. Stop doing repetitive tasks and start automating it.
Use CRM software or another, but if the task can be automated then there is no point of doing it all the time.

6. Stop guessing and start backing up your decisions with data
If you can optimize websites for search engines, you can optimize your lives to grow and reach your maximum potential.

7. Stop working, and have do-nothing time
Most people don’t realize that we’re essentially locking ourselves in a box when we are too focused on something. It’s important to walk away from our work once in a while and have some alone time.

Details here 7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science


Fashion Bloggers Earnings Are Getting Up To $1 Million A Year

Apparently, I got to this point in life where I found out that fashion bloggers are earning now up to $1 million a year. Style bloggers can simply take pictures of what they are wearing and receive income which is equivalent to top management of big companies.

Eager to drive sales, luxury brands and retailers are offering outsize appearance fees to Internet-famous trendsetters. Fees have gone up from a minimum of $5,000 five years ago to $10,000 to $15,000 today, WWD reports. On top of that, bloggers earn money from affiliate sales (essentially, commissions from retailers for online customer referrals); brand collaborations (which usually involve teaming up with designers on capsule collections); launching their own clothing collections; and ad revenue from their sites. All that can add up to seven-figure annual incomes, WWD says. Bloggers are becoming brands in themselves, turning their musings on fashion–often born as personal hobbies–into businesses.


Some  examples of top bloggers are below  (most of whom declined to discuss specific figures, but are estimated to be earning upward of $1 million a year)

– Chiara Ferragni of  The Blonde Salad,
– Nashville-based Mary Seng of Happily Grey,Chrissy Ott of The Perfect Palette
–  Erin Gates of Elements of Style.Bag Snob, a blog started in 2005 by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, spawned a handbag line, Snob Essentials, which helped tip their business into seven-figure territory.




– 25-year-old Leandra Medine has made her name with the hilarious, self-deprecating  Man Repeller, which landed her a book deal. – Salt Lake City-based Rachel Parcell, 23, of Pink Peonies, who started her blog two years ago as a personal online journal.  Now, she’s making at least $960,000 from affiliate programs alone in a year–with added income from partnerships with the likes of TRESemmé and J.Crew.



Bloggers are also all over social media. Instagram is their main tool in promoting themselves and increasing incomes.

Anyways, the main point  I can take away from here is that if you life clothes, shoes and getting photographed then you can make money out of it without working 9-5.

So I might reconsider my career options.


How Top Style Bloggers Are Earning $1 Million A Year



7 Qualities That Make a Real Entrepreneur

Just found a great article on what it really means to be an entrepreneur.
According to Inc. magazine and this recent article, entrepreneurs are unique, willing to take risks,
and run a successful business or two or more.

There are many people who start businesses, but only few succeed.
So here are 7 qualities of real entrepreneurs:

1. They defy characterization. You really have to get to know these people, work with them for years, maybe even get inside their heads a bit, to understand what they’re really all about. There are all unique, not like one another and they are the real deal.  They know that wearing a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers doesn’t make you Steve Jobs.

2. Money means little to them. It’s sort of ironic how little money matters to those who are true entrepreneurs at heart. For them, money is just a means to an end. And since money’s not a distraction or a temptation, they can truly focus on what really counts: doing what drives them, what they’re passionate about.

3. They’re on a mission from God. No, they’re not really. But when they speak about their vision or idea, you’d swear they’ve been possessed by some sort of demon that, instead of inciting chaos and mischief, inspires innovation and creation. There’s definitely an aspect of fanaticism in their zeal for whatever has captured their imagination. y.

4. They don’t take risks for the sake of taking risks. Just as they don’t set out to make money, true entrepreneurs don’t usually set out to take risks, either. They just don’t let anything stand in the way of whatever it is they’re driven to do.

5. They weren’t born that way. Most of the successful entrepreneurs  started with nothing or at least from modest beginnings. Some had parents who did their own thing, but most didn’t. They usually had mentors or people who inspired them to trust their gut and have confidence in themselves. T

6. They’re not iconic leaders. The entrepreneur as iconic leader is a myth. Successful founders usually have partners. Bill Gates had Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. Larry Page had Sergey Brin. Also, entrepreneurs are often better at founding and creating than they are at running and sustaining companies.

7. They’re not very patient. Whoever said patience is a virtue was definitely not a VC or anyone in the startup business, for that matter. Successful entrepreneurs don’t usually care much for social convention. They have little patience for convention. They don’t want to hear how things are done, have been done, or should be done. They do things their way. But here’s a twist.


In general, it does not take all these qualities to build a successful business, but you need these qualities to build something unique, something that will stay for generations, something epic.






New Cool Thing: The Thinnest Watch Ever Made

It’s been a while, since I wrote about campaigns, adverts, or new apps.
But I will definitely continue to work on this blog and try to post more frequently.

Anyways, today I wanted to share this new discovery, an amazing new gadget, the thinnest Watch ever made, with an E-Ink display.

Unlike Nike Fuelband or other wristbands with certain inbuilt indicators, this one has no Internet connectivity, no fancy sensors, no pedometer–its design, and the technologies that make it possible, are worth getting excited about.


This watch is less than a millimeter thick, physically flexible, bending ever so slightly to wrap snugly around wrists of all sizes. The timepiece has no buttons whatsoever, display is E ink. Changing the time has to be done from an included dock, which doubles as a magnetic charging station. A single 10-minute charge will power the watch for about a month.


I never wear any watches and even bracelets, but this devise really caught my attentions, and as soon as it becomes available for order, I will definitely get it.

While for now, check out this kickstarter page to keep up with the news about this super gadget.




“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

I just wanted to share this new amazing, inspiring, eye-opening, and mind-blowing TED talk I’ve ever seen.

I came around it during the recent presentation of Mynewsdesk’s founder Kristofer Björkman, which he gave in order to inspire us, employees. Small part of it included short video from Simon Sinek’s talk on vision.

Simon talked about trust and how is it born. His main point is that trust emerges when people share common beliefs with others.
“When other people believe what we believe”, he says, then Trust emerges. And from here on, this is how great leaders inspire and great companies emerge with a vision. And then how people believe in this vision and buy their products.

In the second talk, Simon describes the Golden Circle. Again about believe and vision, but he points out the importance of the Why for companies, importance of the vision and the sense of purpose greater than just making profits. He states that when companies, like Apple, have a clear vision and say what they believe, then more customers are willing to relate to that and buy more products.

Anyway, these talks really inspired me and helped to view the world differently. Hope it will help some other people too.

Here I present you Simon Sinek’s talk “Start With Why”


And the Second “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”


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