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Not Viral Video BUT Spreadable

As I’ve recently found a blog of Bud Caddell, there was one of his top post called ‘Stop saying viral video’.

He points out that the word viral itself comes from the idea of virus, which spreads with enormous speed by itself. But this is not exactly what people want to get out of the viral video concept. Viral video suppose to get spread and shared by millions of people across all possible social media networks. And the common belief is that in order to achieve it, it would be enough to  just put videos everywhere and try to show it to everyone.

But it misses the main point.
The central factor is people. People have to like this particular video. People should have an urge to share the video with their friends and followers.  Simply showing it to everyone is not enough.

Creating a video that would encourage people to share it, that’s the main point.

So the viral video is not a virus at all, it should be spreadable.
There is still no exact formula for a video to become viral  or spreadable, being correct.
But Bud Caddell provided a diagram that can potentially help with the problem.
He gives out some points to keep in mind when creating a video campaign, which will help to engage more audience. And hopefully create a highly spreadable video

The Liberation: A Whole New Level of Shopping

I just love interactive videos, especially shoppable videos. I think most of clothing brands should go in this direction.

The Liberation is a shoppable, interactive movie experience about young girls going on adventure and getting rebellious.

But viewing The Liberation from Danish fashion brand Only as just a linear short film would be glossing over the digital, social, and retail integrations that make it the richly interactive experience it is.

Here is the movie.

The Liberation

It was created in collaboration with Uncle Grey and North Kingdom to reach, interest, and engage Only’s demographic of young girls and women.
The Liberation represents a some form of a personal online catalogue, music video, Flash-based game, and short film with numerous entry points for social sharing.

At any moment during the film, viewers can pause the action to get pulled-out descriptions of the fashions onscreen that link to the retail site.
It’s not just about the music video, the movie has a plot and style, and every interaction works perfectly well.

According to the agency, after launching The Liberation, traffic to rose more than 500%. The dedicated site garnered +560K unique visitors with +810K page views. See the case study video below.


New Social Media Campaign TomTom Paradise

It is hard to launch a new marketing campaign based on social media. It has to be a bit unique for people to share it.
Something like and Old Spice guy or Jen Aniston Smart Water.

Although, New social and digital media campaign was launched by TomTom, the maker of in-car location and navigation products and services.

The videos, as part of the campaign, are a bit similar to the Old Spice guy, talking and looking straight to the camera. However, this guy has a shirt on.

Anyways, the campaign from TomTom includes a competition for five families or groups of friends to win the chance to spend two weeks mapping a paradise island, as well as 10,000 euros to spend.

“This campaign shows how TomTom helps get summer journeys off to a great start,” Corinne Vigreux, managing director at TomTom, said in a statement. “With our fuel offer and Map Paradise Project, we hope to engage with people on lots of different levels and via different touch points.”

I think it’s a great simple idea, and it never hurts to add a bit of fun to advertising.




Trying to Turn Texting into Touching, the New App

As the technologies changing and we have tweets, photos sharing, facebook, skype, texts, and just calls. Something is still missing from the human encounter.

New app Touch Me tries to solve this problem. It shows on the screen where another person taps.
Looks impressive at first and even feels like it is a new breakthrough. Although, still feels creepy, at some point.

Anyway, just watch the video.


Solar Power is all about the Cash

Sometimes adverts try to sell something to people for all the wrong reasons, while actually covering for something they really care.

SunRun, a solar company, went straight to business. They said solar energy is cheap and that’s the only reason for installing solar panels. No one cares about environment, it’s just money.

30 sec commercials represent this point clearly. Solar energy is cheap and there is nothing else to it. Well, it is a risky way to market solar and saying how no one cares about the environment. But the message is clear, and I think that what matters.

Ads feature a voiceover exclaiming how good for the environment solar power is, only to be corrected by the new SunRun customers: It’s about the cash. The one above features your typical urban hipster “pickling guy.” Despite wanting some “soy flax seeds,” he doesn’t care that solar is good for the environment, he just wants cheap solar. And this nice couple in the video below really doesn’t care about dolphin babies as much as they care about money.

At the end of the day if everyone installs solar panels environment would only be better off.

more on FastCoCreate

How to create a Viral Video





No one can actually say for sure what makes a video viral.
Why some videos about cats or dogs are shared by everyone and some truly unique things are left unknown.
Or especially why one advert gets to be seen and shared by millions, while others again benefit only from the small audiences.

But A marketing professor, Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne has come up with a algorithm for viral videos and maybe discovered the “Holy Grail” of marketing.
According to the algorithm (called the BVMP or “Branded Viral Movie Predictor”), the four key elements required for a video to go viral are:
1) Congruency:
The themes of a video must be congruent with people’s pre-existing knowledge of the brand it is advertising.

2) Emotive strength:
Creating strong emotions is essential if you want to ensure you are giving your video the best chance of becoming viral and the more extreme the emotions, the better.

3) Network involvement:
Videos must be relevant to a large network of people and the larger the better, some examples of large networks are college students or office workers.

4) “Paired meme synergy”
Coker came up with 16 concepts, known on the Internet as “memes” and discovered that videos only go viral if they have the right combinations of these concepts.

More here

We had Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Now it’s time for the most Downloaded Man

How many times have you actually paid attention to the model in stock photos? Yes, you know they’re good looking, but could you pick them out of a crowd of models a day later? Probably not; several studies have shown we don’t actually record the characteristics of people on ads.

And that’s why, if you looked further, you might be surprised to find some of the same anonymous model faces gracing thousands of magazines and websites. And you’d notice some faces appear more than others.

Danish Jesper Bruun is the world’s most downloaded model in stock photography — at least, according to Brazilian photographer Fernando Martins. (We couldn’t find any independent confirmation of that, so make of it what you will.)
In this video produced for his photography company, Martins is not happy about the amount of work he’s lost to Bruun and other stock models. So he went all the way to Denmark to meet Bruun and find out more about him. Watch what Martins finds out about the “king of stock images” in what may be the most awkward encounter ever. And let us know in the comments: are you buying his claim?