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  1. Anonymous


    Is this for real or just Facebook looking to increase the number people spending money on personal adverts?

    Where are you based?


    • katebes

      yeah Facebook just sent me the coupon, probably they just want to increase the number of people using adverts.
      And as I wrote, I’m based in London.

  2. Reno

    Hi Kate,

    Really an impressive effort to get what you want. Good luck! Since you are looking into media strategies can you tell me something about the exposure of these personal ads on facebook?


    • katebes

      Hi Reno,

      When I finish with this campaign, I will post all numbers about response rate and my personal opinion about FB Ads and Twitter for the job search process.

  3. Anonymous

    My name is Simon and I run a small online marketing company, I have just seen your advert and it impressed me with your initiative. I currently have a couple of projects that I could do with some help on and they would not be enough for a full time position but could be some freelance work for you. If you are at all interested in this sort of work, please mail me back your details and I will call and have conversation with you. My email address is

    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to you reply..

  4. Cobus Swanepoel

    Hi Kate,

    Good effort. Currently looking for someone to do marketing and social media within our company. Would be good to have a chat. You can reach me through the contact details below, or message me your contact number and I’ll call you.

    All the best.

  5. Tim

    Hi Kate,

    Loving the initiative and desire to get the job of your dreams. I have a start-up project (related to Tech) that could benefit greatly from someone with your skills but that would also test you and give experience in areas beyond social media and online marketing.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to meet for coffee to discuss.


  6. Marina Melancholy

    я ищу одного человека…и по данным,известным мне,вышла на тебя….поэтому решила спросить…была ли у тебя страница на очень -очень давно,разумеется….. что-то вроде Kate Ultraviolet…

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