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Fairy Tails Help Crafting the Pitch

More thoughts on the lift pitch, but on the pitch in general. How to persuade clients they need this super revolutionary idea or a product.

FastCoDesign suggests to seek answer from an old fairy tail Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack’s mother asks him to sell a cow on the market, and on his way there he meets a witch or a radical change consultant.

“The witch does a great selling job on some magic beans. Why have coins, she argues, when you can have the infinite riches at the top of a magic beanstalk? Certainly it’s a step out of the comfort zone of subsistence dairy farming, but fable folk need to think bigger from time to time. Jack buys the witch’s pitch, sells the cow, and skips home triumphantly with the magic beans. His mother demands the coins, doesn’t buy the business transformation spiel, spanks Jack soundly, and sends him to bed without supper.”

The main point is that you can’t just pitch “magic bean” by itself straight away. It leaves businesses/clients confused, it leaves them with changes, which are usually represent fear of the unknown.

So the best way to pitch a brand new idea is through introducing “coins” first, something clients are already familiar, and only then describe all benefits of “magic beans”.

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