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Coming back soon…

I disappeared for couple of months because of my new job.
But I will come back very soon to describe everything about my social job searching campaign and post new things from the world of social media advertising and tech.

But the main outcome from my campaign is that I managed to find a job again as last year.

I managed to get a place at Mediacom in paid social and started working there in August and so far everything is going great.



Customizable Merica Made Bottle Opener

Here is another cool Kickstarted campaign Customizable Bottle Openers made in America.


The main aim of the  project is to make a billet aluminum bottle opener that is manufactured in the USA.


In order to differentiate this opener from million of others, this Merica Made has the customization factor and level of quality that is unmatched. There have been many bottle openers to come and go, but how cool it is to have a personal opener with your name on it.


Makers use CNC machining technology to achieve the highest possible quality.


For now the goal of the campaign is $6000, so it would become possible to  provide openers in green, purple, orange, and gold to existing colors, and also add 3 more standard design logos.

The biggest challenge of production right now is material and equipment. But with certain funds these guys can get production running. They have more than a month to achieve the goal and if you want to help them, then back their campaign here.

Kickstarter Merica Made

I Found a Job Through Social Media, My Campaign Worked!

After a month of running my social media campaign, I can finally say that I found a job.
The campaign was conducted through Facebook Ads,  Twitter #HireKate, and this website, of course.

The majob impact came from Facebook Ads.
Now I can tell everyone from personal experience that this thing actually works.
I chose simple Pay Per Click instead of Impressions, because I needed straight results and not just showing the advert. One of the great thing about FB Ads I found out was that they give you the price range, which changes everyday depending on impressions.
My average price per click was $0.27 – $0.24. So in total I spent just under $60 for running this Ad for 3 weeks, which includes my $38 voucher I got from Facebook.

These Ads absolutely worth the money and actually do have a real impact.
My estimated targeted audience was about 740 000 people in the UK, and in 3 weeks nearly 140 000 saw my Ad.
This is a small chart from FB.

And this are stats for this website. After starting running Ads, the average amount of views on my blog was 120 per day.

I paused Ads on weekends usually, as I though people would not have chance to react to them quickly in comparison to working days.
Also quick tip for anyone who considers doing something similar, CTR usually increased after 3pm every day and was very small in the morning. So in order to save  a bit of money start running Ads after lunch time, as it’s definitely the most effective time.

While, My  Twitter campaign didn’t bring as much response as FB Ads, however people still replied to it, when I was using relevant hush tags. For example





Twitter by itself is quite productive, however, while it is necessary to update it all the time, Facebook just runs Ads without any additional help. I think that presence on Twitter is extremely important, but for doing similar social media campaign FB and Twitter should be combined.

As a result of this campaign, I was invited to 7 job interviews with following 3 actual job offers. Companies simply contacted me via email and asked to come for an interview straightaway. So I didn’t even need to apply anywhere and fill in application forms.
Companies were very varied from traditional PR, small advertising companies to quite big ones and even company that produces online games.

Moreover, I got this sort of response on Twitter





Also my campaign got featured on
 Graduate Job Tips

Work Space

And other individual blogs.

Anyways, among all this interviews I decided to go with My Newsdesk. 

It’s a special platform where companies can create profiles and upload press releases, while journalists, bloggers and other interested people can follow them.

From the official website
“With journalistic and web backgrounds, the founders hit upon the idea of creating a platform that would increase engagement between companies and their most important influencers, such as journalists, bloggers and other opinion leaders. To put the relations back into PR was their mission. Companies should be able to create and share content and gain exposure to relevant information – on their own terms. Whether this exposure occurred on the company’s own website, or through other channels where their material was shared, Mynewsdesk would always be the source. This idea reflects the ongoing shift in the entire PR, media, and communications industry – from push to pull – or as we also like to see it: it’s time to enter the post-excel PR world.”

My Newsdesk

While, I’m going to start as an intern in the marketing department. Still the role is going to include extremely varied tasks, and this was probably the major thing for me. I wanted to find something special, which also has great potential. And I think My Newsdesk is just the place for me right now.

Therefore, I’m extremely excited to start this new job.
And I definitely recommend everyone who wants to work in advertising or some related industry to look for a job this social media way, as it is super rewarding and creative. And it does stand out from the crowd.

So now I guess I need to find another title for the blog, as I will continue writing about interesting adverts and post updates about my new job.

Hire Kate – Job Search Social Media Campaign

Today was different for me.
I’ve created my first Facebook Ad. For some reason Facebook sent me a coupon for 25 pounds to spend on ads, and I decided it was a sign.
I’ve seen people doing things like finding a job through social media before. So I decided to do it myself and find a job, or an internship to be precise.

I want to work in media strategy or planning, so  my goal is to get an internship in the digital media agency, which recognises the importance of social media marketing.

And an important part is that I’m based in London, so looking for a job here as well.

Here is how my Facebook Ad looks and it leads to this website, where potential employers can find more info about me and all required contacts.

In addition, starting tomorrow I will launch my job searching campaign on Twitter with #HireKate.

I’m really excited about all this and I will write all updates here along with other news.

Rebellious Ray Ban

New print and web campaign by Ray Bay takes people through different years or even eras.
It focuses on act of rebellion and rebels, of course, are wearing Ray Bans.
The campaign is very vivid and has a lot of action in. It brings out certain emotions, which I think are quite
hard to get out of people in print ads.

more at FastCoCreate