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Facebook Video Count is Up, Youtube’s is Down

It looks like Facebook Videos are bringing benefits they deserved. Videos are getting 4 billion daily views, which is up from 3 billion daily views announced in January 2015.

The Next Web suggests that YouTube should be scared of Facebook. It’s building a video powerhouse that Google may struggle to match, because it hasn’t managed to successfully build out a social graph like that of Facebook.

As an example, Vox shared a video on Facebook, which received over 1.1 million views since when it was shared on April 10. By contrast, the same video shared on YouTube has only received 85,000 views. That’s a serious amount of reach.

Facebook’s social graph is a potent advantage over YouTube. Videos go directly to newsfeed and load automatically, so users do not even need to leave Facebook and search for more content. As with Youtube, Google Plus does not provide that kind of social reach.

Facebook continues getting more and more video views, possibly taking them away from Youtube. Google is probably planting some strategy to overthrow Facebook, but if they not, then they are in real trouble.




The Next Web


Running a Social Media Job Searching Campaign

Following success of my last year’s social media campaign, I’m looking for a job using social media once again.

I’m using Facebook Ads, and mine looks like this

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.05.24

I might use Twitter as well, just to get some publicity.

This time I’m looking for a permanent job, it can start with an internship, I don’t mind. As long as there are clear prospects.
I want to work in tech industry on the marketing side.

Please find my CV here and Email here

I have experience in PR, digital advertising, and social media. And the most important part is that I’m crazy about tech.

Preferably I need a job based in London, but if it’s something truly amazing I can relocate.

You can find  ways of contacting me here and some of my takes on recent developments in tech, marketing, and others.

I really hope this venture will work out.

As I did last year, I will blog about all developments and results of the campaign.

So please contant me with interesting offers or just for support.

Hire Kate – Job Search Social Media Campaign

Today was different for me.
I’ve created my first Facebook Ad. For some reason Facebook sent me a coupon for 25 pounds to spend on ads, and I decided it was a sign.
I’ve seen people doing things like finding a job through social media before. So I decided to do it myself and find a job, or an internship to be precise.

I want to work in media strategy or planning, so  my goal is to get an internship in the digital media agency, which recognises the importance of social media marketing.

And an important part is that I’m based in London, so looking for a job here as well.

Here is how my Facebook Ad looks and it leads to this website, where potential employers can find more info about me and all required contacts.

In addition, starting tomorrow I will launch my job searching campaign on Twitter with #HireKate.

I’m really excited about all this and I will write all updates here along with other news.