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Fashion Bloggers Earnings Are Getting Up To $1 Million A Year

Apparently, I got to this point in life where I found out that fashion bloggers are earning now up to $1 million a year. Style bloggers can simply take pictures of what they are wearing and receive income which is equivalent to top management of big companies.

Eager to drive sales, luxury brands and retailers are offering outsize appearance fees to Internet-famous trendsetters. Fees have gone up from a minimum of $5,000 five years ago to $10,000 to $15,000 today, WWD reports. On top of that, bloggers earn money from affiliate sales (essentially, commissions from retailers for online customer referrals); brand collaborations (which usually involve teaming up with designers on capsule collections); launching their own clothing collections; and ad revenue from their sites. All that can add up to seven-figure annual incomes, WWD says. Bloggers are becoming brands in themselves, turning their musings on fashion–often born as personal hobbies–into businesses.


Some  examples of top bloggers are below  (most of whom declined to discuss specific figures, but are estimated to be earning upward of $1 million a year)

– Chiara Ferragni of  The Blonde Salad,
– Nashville-based Mary Seng of Happily Grey,Chrissy Ott of The Perfect Palette
–  Erin Gates of Elements of Style.Bag Snob, a blog started in 2005 by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, spawned a handbag line, Snob Essentials, which helped tip their business into seven-figure territory.




– 25-year-old Leandra Medine has made her name with the hilarious, self-deprecating  Man Repeller, which landed her a book deal. – Salt Lake City-based Rachel Parcell, 23, of Pink Peonies, who started her blog two years ago as a personal online journal.  Now, she’s making at least $960,000 from affiliate programs alone in a year–with added income from partnerships with the likes of TRESemmé and J.Crew.



Bloggers are also all over social media. Instagram is their main tool in promoting themselves and increasing incomes.

Anyways, the main point  I can take away from here is that if you life clothes, shoes and getting photographed then you can make money out of it without working 9-5.

So I might reconsider my career options.


How Top Style Bloggers Are Earning $1 Million A Year