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The Ideal Length of Online Content

The guys at Buffer found out the ideal lengths of online content from tweets to email headlines. They baked their finding by solid research and here’s the best of what they came up with.






Running a Social Media Job Searching Campaign

Following success of my last year’s social media campaign, I’m looking for a job using social media once again.

I’m using Facebook Ads, and mine looks like this

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.05.24

I might use Twitter as well, just to get some publicity.

This time I’m looking for a permanent job, it can start with an internship, I don’t mind. As long as there are clear prospects.
I want to work in tech industry on the marketing side.

Please find my CV here and Email here

I have experience in PR, digital advertising, and social media. And the most important part is that I’m crazy about tech.

Preferably I need a job based in London, but if it’s something truly amazing I can relocate.

You can find  ways of contacting me here and some of my takes on recent developments in tech, marketing, and others.

I really hope this venture will work out.

As I did last year, I will blog about all developments and results of the campaign.

So please contant me with interesting offers or just for support.

Brands and Simplicity

A new report quantifies design and marketing’s most deceptively elusive quality.

Recently “simplicity” became something that everyone is talking about, and it feels like every brand should be simple and have very simplistic approach to marketing. It might be true to some extent.

But the Siegel+Gale Global Brand Simplicity Index attempts to actually define simplicity by polling more than 6,000 consumers on the brands they find most simple (from the clarity of promotional materials to the usability of websites to the actual experience with the company’s products). The report then quantifies simplicity’s dollar value across industries. Their findings are enlightening.

This top 10 represents some incredibly successful companies. Consumers actually are prepared to pay more  for simpler experiences–an average of 3-4.1% more, or what could theoretically equate to $30 billion in revenue.

But what may be even more telling is that social media, despite its meteoric rise to prominence in popular culture, was rated horribly. Twitter fell 23 spots to #93 overall. And Facebook is ranked #118 out of 125 brands, actually dropping 31 spots from last year’s branding index. One of the most recognizable brands in the world is getting destroyed in terms of creating a comprehensible product.

Users say they’re frustrated by Facebook’s ‘incomprehensible’ personal privacy policies, frequent changes to the interface, and a lack of usability in general,” summarizes the report authors.

So simplicity does look like a way to go with branding, design, and marketing. And even Facebook should comes up with some clear and simple profile pages.

via FastCoDesign


I Found a Job Through Social Media, My Campaign Worked!

After a month of running my social media campaign, I can finally say that I found a job.
The campaign was conducted through Facebook Ads,  Twitter #HireKate, and this website, of course.

The majob impact came from Facebook Ads.
Now I can tell everyone from personal experience that this thing actually works.
I chose simple Pay Per Click instead of Impressions, because I needed straight results and not just showing the advert. One of the great thing about FB Ads I found out was that they give you the price range, which changes everyday depending on impressions.
My average price per click was $0.27 – $0.24. So in total I spent just under $60 for running this Ad for 3 weeks, which includes my $38 voucher I got from Facebook.

These Ads absolutely worth the money and actually do have a real impact.
My estimated targeted audience was about 740 000 people in the UK, and in 3 weeks nearly 140 000 saw my Ad.
This is a small chart from FB.

And this are stats for this website. After starting running Ads, the average amount of views on my blog was 120 per day.

I paused Ads on weekends usually, as I though people would not have chance to react to them quickly in comparison to working days.
Also quick tip for anyone who considers doing something similar, CTR usually increased after 3pm every day and was very small in the morning. So in order to save  a bit of money start running Ads after lunch time, as it’s definitely the most effective time.

While, My  Twitter campaign didn’t bring as much response as FB Ads, however people still replied to it, when I was using relevant hush tags. For example





Twitter by itself is quite productive, however, while it is necessary to update it all the time, Facebook just runs Ads without any additional help. I think that presence on Twitter is extremely important, but for doing similar social media campaign FB and Twitter should be combined.

As a result of this campaign, I was invited to 7 job interviews with following 3 actual job offers. Companies simply contacted me via email and asked to come for an interview straightaway. So I didn’t even need to apply anywhere and fill in application forms.
Companies were very varied from traditional PR, small advertising companies to quite big ones and even company that produces online games.

Moreover, I got this sort of response on Twitter





Also my campaign got featured on
 Graduate Job Tips

Work Space

And other individual blogs.

Anyways, among all this interviews I decided to go with My Newsdesk. 

It’s a special platform where companies can create profiles and upload press releases, while journalists, bloggers and other interested people can follow them.

From the official website
“With journalistic and web backgrounds, the founders hit upon the idea of creating a platform that would increase engagement between companies and their most important influencers, such as journalists, bloggers and other opinion leaders. To put the relations back into PR was their mission. Companies should be able to create and share content and gain exposure to relevant information – on their own terms. Whether this exposure occurred on the company’s own website, or through other channels where their material was shared, Mynewsdesk would always be the source. This idea reflects the ongoing shift in the entire PR, media, and communications industry – from push to pull – or as we also like to see it: it’s time to enter the post-excel PR world.”

My Newsdesk

While, I’m going to start as an intern in the marketing department. Still the role is going to include extremely varied tasks, and this was probably the major thing for me. I wanted to find something special, which also has great potential. And I think My Newsdesk is just the place for me right now.

Therefore, I’m extremely excited to start this new job.
And I definitely recommend everyone who wants to work in advertising or some related industry to look for a job this social media way, as it is super rewarding and creative. And it does stand out from the crowd.

So now I guess I need to find another title for the blog, as I will continue writing about interesting adverts and post updates about my new job.

Vampire Races on Social Media

Vampires are huge now, but what actually stands behind the popularity is not really the story but the actual fans.
Although, fans require motivation too, so social media is a great help at this sort of things.

The inforgraphic below shows how vampire’s phenomenon gets spread out all over the social media.

My favourite is True Blood, as the story is amazing and it’s not that cheesy as other vampire movies/tvshows out there now.
True Blood also becomes an ultimate winner in the social media race with very clever way of releasing small teaser videos several month before season premier. The interactive app was also created, as well as, the website truebloodontwitter made just by fans.

Does not look bad for the tv show, which goes out only once a year on a cable network and also quite late at night.

Small addition.

Last Sunday, the premier of the season 5 of True Blood generated nearly 242,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter, making it the most talked about premium cable season premiere ever.

Told you, the absolute winner.

The original inforgraphic Directsattv

Ad People are Not as Normal as Others

Well not surprisingly enough but still people that work in advertising are not ‘normal’ in comparison to other people.
Not completely but only when it comes to social media use, according to a study commissioned by San Francisco-based advertising agency Heat and conducted this past March by iThink.

Apparently advertising people do live in some sort of a bubble. While civilians are actually not that active on social media and  are not that inclined to pay attention to what brands are doing on Twitter or Facebook, or YouTube, or definitely not Pinterest.

These findings show on how advertising/marketing professionals use Facebook as compared to the general public:
• 71% of advertising/marketing professionals say they pay attention to brand posts in their Facebook news feed “all of the time” versus 23% of the general population.

As for Twitter:
92% of advertising/marketing professionals use Twitter to follow brands they like.
33% of the general population does so.

Should brands put more effort into interacting with consumers via social media?
• 63% of advertising/marketing professionals “strongly agree” that they should;
23% of the general population “strongly agree”

Another Fun Fact is  that the Mad Men stereotypes aren’t off the mark: Subjects were also asked about how they act at office holiday parties, and it appears that people who work in advertising are more likely to puke from drinking too much (37% vs. 9% of the general public);
do drugs (26% vs. 3% of the general public);
and hook up with a coworker (26% vs. 8% of the general public).

Judging by myself, but only as a person  trying to break into ad land, I can already see being on Twitter all the time, following brands make you look a bit “crazy” in your friends’ view. To whom I constantly need to explain, why brands are on Facebook and why people need LinkedIn  and Pinterest.