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Moment Smartwatch – The Best Watch You Will Ever See

I know that major corporations are fighting now for invention of smartwatches. But I feel like they’ve already lost this battle.

Moment Smartwatch: world’s first wrap around smart watch

30 day battery, expandable hardware, full QWERTY keyboard, 360° touch surface – all wrapped smartly around your wrist



This Smartwatch has everything you can ever dream of.


– It is the perfect blend of style and technology
– Keyboard (Patent Pending).  The Moment Smartwatch has a full QWERTY keyboard plus number row.
– Battery can last up to 30 days

– Hardware Expansion (Patent Pending)
– Simple Operation (Patent Pending). It has  a large touch sensitive surface that wraps all the way around the outside of the Moment Smartwatch – a full 360 degree interface
– Message Board (Patent Pending). Your smartphone has a large beautiful display that is great for sharing pictures, playing games with detailed graphics and many other uses. Moment is not competing with that display. We designed the Moment Smartwatch to be used when it is inconvenient, unnecessary, unsafe, rude or simply not allowed to pull your smartphone from your pocket or purse.



I think we need to fund this, this is a true gold. I’m just amazed how people can create something like this while not working for huge corporations. This is pure brilliance.
You can check it out here Moment Smartwatch: world’s first wrap around smart watch

by Momentum Labs LLC

Kickstarter – is where the gold is.



New Cool Thing: The Thinnest Watch Ever Made

It’s been a while, since I wrote about campaigns, adverts, or new apps.
But I will definitely continue to work on this blog and try to post more frequently.

Anyways, today I wanted to share this new discovery, an amazing new gadget, the thinnest Watch ever made, with an E-Ink display.

Unlike Nike Fuelband or other wristbands with certain inbuilt indicators, this one has no Internet connectivity, no fancy sensors, no pedometer–its design, and the technologies that make it possible, are worth getting excited about.


This watch is less than a millimeter thick, physically flexible, bending ever so slightly to wrap snugly around wrists of all sizes. The timepiece has no buttons whatsoever, display is E ink. Changing the time has to be done from an included dock, which doubles as a magnetic charging station. A single 10-minute charge will power the watch for about a month.


I never wear any watches and even bracelets, but this devise really caught my attentions, and as soon as it becomes available for order, I will definitely get it.

While for now, check out this kickstarter page to keep up with the news about this super gadget.