Here I will post various videos I’ve made during my job search.


I will definitely produce more. And soon  I will make a video about my job search, just need to organise all ideas in my head.


This one was the first. I tried to shoot a decent picture for LinkedIn, but realised that I was not getting anywhere and had an idea of making this video.


Here I tried to show how I was preparing for the elevator pitch, which didn’t really work out. But I had so much fun making the video.


And this is my favourite. It’s a bit from the pitch video. I called it “Nothing to Wear”





  1. Toju

    I like your approach and would certainly have invited you for an interview if I had a job for you. Good luck.

  2. Federico

    Какая прекрасная идея. Я надеюсь, что ты скоро найдешь хорошую работу!


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